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Client Success Story: Doc Burnstein's Ice Cream Lab

Doc Burnstein’s Ice Cream Lab (Doc’s) is a super-premium ice cream vendor with three locations along the Central Coast of California with ambitious plans to become a national brand.  Doc’s is community owned corporation allowing local fans to own a piece of one of the Central Coast’s most iconic businesses.  Even more significant, the corporation is classified as a new breed of ‘Benefit Corporations’, a business entity that is not only profitable to investors, but also instills a socially-beneficial conscience into a corporation. 


Doc’s goal… “Become #1 in the hearts and minds of America when it comes to ice cream.”


Doc’s recently developed a new store layout that will be the blueprint for future expansion.  It has protected its valuable trademarks and established a stock structure that will allow Doc’s to enter the public equities markets.    

“After our second stock offering, I knew we needed to invest in more scalable business processes and IT systems.  Manually entering daily sales, payroll and invoices works with 3 stores, but I wanted a system that could support 50 stores.  That’s why I hired Rolando Locci Consultants.  Rolando provided us a vision and a sustainable path to automate our processes and integrate our systems.  The payoff was immediate as we’ve reduced accounting hours and will pay off long term as we add stores.”


Automation of Daily Store Sales into QuickBooks


Doc’s utilizes the Revel POS (Point of Sale) system in its stores.  Daily sales from all three stores were manually logged into QuickBooks.   Although Revel and QuickBooks offers an integration application, if not set up properly, it can corrupt the accounting ledger.


“We set up the Revel to QuickBooks synch ourselves and everything worked great till we realized that hundreds of transactions were hitting our ledger.  I spent countless hours manually backing out individual line items, this definitely did not save us time.”


Measure Twice, Cut Once


Rolando proposed setting up a test QuickBooks environment so Doc’s could safely integrate the stores and ensure everything worked perfectly before moving into the live environment.  Rolando documented all the integration steps so Doc’s could troubleshoot any issues going forward and set up new stores as they opened.


“It was a load off my mind being able to try things in the test environment without the fear of corrupting our ledger.  It was very important to me that the accounting be correct, the P&L structure remain unchanged, sales taxes were accurate AND we save time.  Rolando delivered everything we asked.  I couldn’t be more pleased.”


Just the Beginning


After this successful integration, Rolando and the Doc’s team are working to tackle the automation of payroll and invoicing giving more time back to the Doc’s team and setting them up for the next growth phase.

Greg Steinberger – Founder & CEO

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