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Client Success Story: Alliances Management

Alliances Management is a strategic consulting firm that delivers top-quality project management, operations, and administrative services. 


Growing Complexity

 “Our business was growing rapidly, as was the complexity of our consulting engagements.  However, we were tracking engagement profitability manually.  This did not scale and was prone to inaccuracies.  On a broader scale, we wanted the same visibility for the entire company.  We brought on Rolando Locci Consultants to automate our engagement tracking tools and build a long term financial planning model.  We are extremely pleased with the results and continue to use his tools to this day.”

Back of the Envelope

Alliances Management offers its customers a wide range of billing engagement structures: hourly rates, project based, full or part time employees.  Depending on the arrangement, Alliances Management may have to pay salaries, payroll taxes, worker’s compensation, health benefits or an hourly rate.  It was important this was accurately estimated up front to ensure engagement profitability.

“I had been successful doing “back of the envelope” math for each engagement.  But I reached a point where we had so many engagements I couldn’t comfortably keep track.  I asked Rolando to build us sophisticated tools that could capture every engagement iteration.  The tools he delivered were accurate and high quality, offering complexity, but with simplicity of use. Now we know exactly how much to charge our clients, how much to pay our consultants, and the status of each engagement.  No more guessing.”

A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned


Alliances Management wanted to invest as much back in the business as possible for future growth.  In years past, without adequate planning, they missed out on cost savings opportunities.

“I wanted to see my P&L broken out by all my key clients to know how profitable each customer was to my business.  It was important for me to know every month how profitable I would be at year end.  Rolando built our long-term plan so we could see profitability by client well before the end of the year.  I was able to identify cost savings then put that money back into the business.  That alone paid for his services many times over.”


Tono Aspinall – President, Founder

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