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Client Success Story: Bang the Drum Brewery

Bang the Drum Brewery is the pre-eminent bar, restaurant and event venue in San Luis Obispo, CA.

New Location, Bigger Commitment

Bang the Drum was forced out of its cozy location after the land was sold. This presented an opportunity to take a bigger space to allow for larger events. A bigger location meant a bigger financial investment both in operating and build-out costs.


“My vision for Bang the Drum has always been a place for the local community to come together for music and community events. Moving locations made that a possibility, but it required more financial investment. I began to look for outside financing to get the new space open. Our Kickstarter campaign was a great success, but it wasn’t enough. That’s when I was referred to Rolando.”

A Fresh Look

Although there was some financial history with the old location, it was not as relevant with the new space. A fresh look had to be taken with every aspect of the business: check averages, foot traffic, hours of operations, staffing, debt service and startup capital. The analysis revealed that check averages and startup capital requirements both needed to be higher especially with foot traffic potentially constrained due to COVID-19.  

"The work I did with Rolando really fired me up to think about new and creative ways to bring in revenue. We needed to give our customers a reason to come in every day. That way, we’d always be on their mind."


Confidence Breeds Confidence

“I cannot believe how much more I understand about the business since I started working with Rolando. Going through this process has given me more confidence to make decisions for the company's future. Everyone should sit down and break down expenses and revenue before they start a business. It will likely save lots of money and headache in the future.”


Noelle DuBois – Owner

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